Our Products

Get to know all the products that saving businesses thousands of dollars, helping them collaborate with their teams, available to them everywhere, and responds to their needs through progressive improvements and upgrades.

Click Shop is a secured shop for safe and efficient transactions. With Click Shop, buyer protection is ensured and your goods get to you in their right specification and within the right timeframe.

Buy from only verified vendors, transact over a secured website and your money is safe as we partner with a Bank to ensure buyer and vendor protection. Best of all, get it delivered to your location.






Raise funding for your next big idea today! Click Funding helps startup, seed and growth companies to buy shares or lend to businesses using mobile and web technologies. 

Browse through the projects you like, invest in the project, receive a certificate acknowledging your investment and become a shareholder or lender, depending on the type of offering.


Click Learning is improving lives through learning by providing online learning courses and materials that help students, businesses, and governments gain the skills they need to compete Globally. 

Join the revolution of students that are mastering new skills from expert instructors teaching various topics from programming and data science to leadership and team building. 


Click Pay is a digital multi-currency wallet for instant online payments, transfers and holding money.  Convert your foreign currencies at mid-market rates enjoy low fees and speed in transactions.

Supporting over 40 currencies, users can convert and send money using only an email address or phone number.


Click Grants is a grant mobilization platform for funding development projects across Ghana and the rest of Africa.

Hosted projects are development projects on the African continent and help connect donors to development projects, grant management services, project monitoring, and reporting.

Support Services

Outsource to us and save 60% cost on all business operations, as your remote service partner for IT and  Accounting Services. 

  • Software development, Mobile App development and IT advisory. 
  • Bookkeeping, Financial Reporting and Advisory.

All you need to get started is 1- click, to solve your IT and accounting challenges.


DropOff is a self-service App for Taxi, Goods, and Parcel-Delivery Services. DropOff connects Drivers/Riders, Merchants, and Customers in a convenient and cost-effective manner. Services provided are anchored on wide connectivity of People, Places, and Technology.

DropOff has nationwide coverage, thus, order for your ride anywhere or anytime, buy goods/items and get fast deliveries, or order for a parcel or letter to be picked up and delivered to your address.

Legal Help

Legal Help is helping people and businesses to get the legal support they need on the African continent. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Market Click?

We designed Market Click with individuals and companies in mind. Our apps are available to both for everyone who loves to connect to the clients and workers easily and accessibly.